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Tras varios años de experiencia en el mundo del perro, participando en competiciones de alto nivel y compartiendo conocimientos con gente de mucho prestigio, finalmente decidí aceptar las invitaciones para dar seminarios por todo el mundo y así enseñar a otros mis técnicas y secretos relacionados con el adiestramiento de perros enfocados a IGP mayormente. 




After several years of experience in the dog´s world, participating in high-
level competitions and sharing knowledge with prestigious people, I finally
decided to accept invitations to give seminars all over the world and thus
teach others my techniques and secrets related to the dog training focused on IGP mostly.

I like to make the seminars dynamic and easy to follow, for people who
are just starting out in this world, as well as for those who already have
experience and want to improve and/or expand their knowledge.
Usually I start with a theoretical part, showing some images and videos
which I explain in an even simpler way and thus allowing people to ask
me questions that arise as we move forward. I think it is very important to
have a base of knowledge and technique before working on an exercise
with a dog.
Even so, in my workshops I always start talking about the first step, which
is the selection of the puppy, continuing with the basis of its training.
The same way of working is used for the three disciplines, normally
starting with Obedience and it is developed as follows:

Theoretical explanation with photo and video support

Resolution of doubts

Putting what you have learned into practice

Individual work with each of the participating dogs and owners
Same procedure for the Tracking discipline and finally Protection.

In general, the seminars are carried out in three days, using two of them
for what I explained above and leaving one last day for reviewing the
work done and to solve last doubts, thus being able to further strengthen
the specific work carried out in each of the dogs.

The recommended capacity of the workshop is a maximum of 15 dogs,
and more people can attend as listeners. I don't like working with more
dogs because I think that you can not work properly with so many dogs
during those days and the important thing is that everyone is happy with
the results obtained and wanting to continue working to get their dogs' full
potential, without forgetting to enjoy the process.

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